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Air Duct Repair & Replacement In Fresno, CA

Air ducts are a component of your home’s HVAC system that allow cool, refrigerated air to be evenly distributed throughout a home or building. Leaky air ducts can cause your entire system to run inefficiently and could end up costing you hundreds of dollars over time.

Being so integral to your home’s HVAC system, air ducts tend to create large opportunities for efficiency loss when they’re not properly inspected and maintained. It’s been proven that leaky air ducts can account for up to 30% of your home’s energy loss!

30% is a lot and can result in thousands of dollars wasted. Do yourself a favor and schedule an air duct service call with Grandmark Service Company today! Whether it’s a simple service, a quick repair or a full replacement, our service technicians are fully qualified to provide the most comprehensive Fresno air duct repairs possible!

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Air Duct Repair 

Air ducts generally live in your home’s attics, basements and crawl spaces. Because they’re so hidden, it’s easy to overlook obvious duct damage and issues that could be costing you money. Well-maintained air ducts ensure that you aren’t spending unnecessary cash keeping the attic air-conditioned.

There are several components of your air ducts that could be faulty or damaged, leading to lower levels of efficiency. Some of the most common issues our professionals encounter on their service calls are:

  • Accumulation of dirt and debris
  • Bad design and installation
  • Bad airflow caused by structural issues
  • Poorly sealed registers and vents
  • Holes and leaks

Regardless of your issue, common or rare, the skilled professionals here at Grandmark are trained and qualified to implement any repair that your system may need to get it running back in tip-top shape.

Air Duct Replacement

In some instances, a simple patch or repair may not be enough to solve every air duct issue, and a full replacement may be necessary.

The lifespan of your average air duct installation last between 10 and 15 years. This means that every system will need its duct work replaced eventually, and when that time comes there’s no one more quailed than the Grandmark professionals.

As mentioned above, faulty air ducts can account for over a quarter of your HVAC energy loss. This means that the long-term energy savings associated with a new air duct system could easily cover the costs of new installation, plus some. So while it’s not ideal, air duct replacement can pay for itself within several years of being completed.

Some of the benefits of a new air duct system include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Cleaner, fresher air
  • Quieter performance
  • Improved cooling and function

If you’re looking for the most reliable air duct replacement in Fresno, Grandmark is the place to look!

Let Grandmark Inspect Your Air Ducts Today!

Getting ahead of an air duct issue has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in the long run. However, air ducts are often one of the most overlooked aspects of an HVAC system. Being hidden away behind our walls, it’s easy to forget about them and their maintenance requirements.

Grandmark Service Company can ease your burden and do the thinking for you, call today and schedule an air duct inspection!

If you’re looking to further increase the efficiency of your entire HVAC system, ask us about our smart thermostats, which could potentially save you even more money in energy bills! We value our customers and are committed to providing Fresno and the surrounding areas with the most professional home services possible. We will take every step to make sure you are satisfied, guaranteed!

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