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Fast Heater Repair For Fresno Homeowners

Almost nothing is worse than your heater breaking down on you in the cooler months. Although the Fresno winters aren’t as cold as some other areas, you still deserve to have your heater ready for action whenever you turn it on. If you’re looking for the best heater repair in Fresno, look no further than Grandmark Service Company!

We’re proud to offer our friendly, professional and honest services to the homes of Fresno. We’re the one-stop shop for all things home services, and it’s our goal to make your home a more efficient place. Heater repairs aren’t something that homeowners need to stress over. The professionals at Grandmark Service Company come trained and ready to find a solution for any problem your heater may be giving you!

Fresno Heating Repair

What To Do If My Heater Stops Working

As a homeowner, there’s a list of things that make your heart drop when you realize something may be wrong – a broken heater being one of them. When you initially realize that your heater isn’t working the way it should, or not at all, it’s easy to begin to stress out about all the possibilities of why it’s not working right. If your heater stops working, run through this quick checklist and proceed as needed:

Check Furnace Power Switch

Your furnace power switch could have been switched off by mistake. Some furnace on/off switches are very easy to mistake with other switches. If you use your attic as storage, it’s possible that at some point, while someone was going through storage, it could have been accidentally switched.

Check Your Fuse Box

Another possibility is that your electrical breaker could have tripped. If your heater is not turning on, check the fuse box to see if that switch has flipped in the opposite direction. If there is no serious problem present, your heater should turn back on and stay on once you flip the switch back in the right direction.

An important thing to keep in mind is that many heaters and furnaces come with safety features that act by shutting off the system if something is wrong. So, if your fuse box keeps tripping your furnace breaker, it may be best for you to call professionals for an inspection. It’s important to address this with professionals to ensure the safety of your home and everyone in it.

Check Thermostat

Something that might not happen as much, but is still very possible, is that the batteries in your thermostat have died. Simply replace them and turn on your heater like normal! Another thing to make sure of is that your thermostat is on the “heat” or “automatic” setting.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but if you set your temperature to 73 degrees, but your system is set to “cool,” your heater won’t turn on. It’s also common for smart thermostats to occasionally get stuck, and you can fix that by restarting them.

Replace Air Filters

Another reason your heater may not be working well is due to clogged air filters. We recommend that you replace your system’s air filters about every 90 days for the most efficient use. Dirty or clogged filters can play a major role in the wearing down of electrical components that keep the warm air blowing into your home.

Fresno Furnace Repair

Needing furnace repair is all a part of being a homeowner. When you’re experiencing constant furnace problems, contact the experts at Grandmark Service Company to do the repairs for you. We specialize in furnace repair, and we’re ready to help you get yours repaired as soon as possible.

After a thorough inspection of your system, we’ll be able to identify and fix your problem in no time. We’ll also let you know of any other issues we may find and go about fixing those as necessary. You can trust that you’re getting the best quality of work and honesty from our professionals!

When you’re ready to schedule your furnace repair, contact us today!

Grandmark Service Company is rated 4.8 based on 258 reviews online

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