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Heater Replacement Services In Fresno, CA

A well-kept heater can last you anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. Nothing may seem wrong with it at all, then all of a sudden it stops working and you’re out of a heater when you need it the most. Whether out of necessity or by choice, replacing your heating system is a part of any homeowner’s life.

Needing to get your heater replaced is never a convenient situation, which is why the experts at Grandmark Service Company are there for you when it happens! Our heater installation services will provide you with a brand new working heater that you can count on. We take pride in the services we perform for the homes of Fresno, so you can trust that the quality of work is always the highest you can receive!

furnace replacement in Fresno

How Often Should I Replace My Furnace?

As long as regular maintenance is being performed on your furnace, it should last you anywhere from fifteen to thirty years! Regular tune-ups and maintenance are the keys to helping your system live as long as it possibly can. Your furnace will give you what you need as long as you give it what it needs.

Signs My Heater Needs To Be Replaced

Heater maintenance needs to be performed at least once per year. The regular maintenance that you invest in for your system is sure to allow it to run for as long as possible. Unfortunately, even after years of regular maintenance, your heater is eventually going to need a replacement.

It’s important to pay attention to the way your system is running, especially if it’s passed 15  years of usage. Since the lifespan of your system can range anywhere from fifteen to thirty years, the signs your system gives you is how you’ll know it’s time to replace it. If you begin to notice any of these signs, contact the professionals and consider investing in a new system.

Higher Utility Bills

Noticing an increase in your utility bills is a common way to learn your heater needs replacing. Your unit simply may not be running as efficiently as it used to, and it might be more beneficial for you to invest in a new system. Even if nothing seems wrong with your system, higher utility bills are not something you want to continue suffering through.

Old Age

The age of your system will greatly affect the way your system runs and how energy-efficient it will be for your home. This reason is important to pay attention to because the unit might not show any signs of damage or a need for obvious repair. If you know your system is getting older, take some time to evaluate how investing in a new system would be better for you in the long run.

Strange Noises

Your HVAC system is never the most silent system in the world, but it shouldn’t be making any clicking, banging or screeching noises. If you’re experiencing your system making all kinds of weird noises, something could be wrong and should be addressed quickly. Contact the professionals at Grandmark Service Company to help you identify the cause of these strange noises.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you or any of your family members are regularly experiencing flu-like symptoms, this could be due to your heater. Illness from your heater can happen due to many different reasons, but the important factor is that no matter the reason, it should be addressed. No one deserves to feel sick because of a system that’s supposed to help their home.

Fresno Heater Installation

Although you only use your heater a few months out of the year, it’s still important that it’s ready to work properly whenever you’re ready to use it. There’s almost nothing worse than having your heater quit on you in the months you need it the most. A guaranteed way to make sure you don’t have to deal with that is always keeping up with the yearly maintenance and replacing your heater when the time is right.

When you’re ready to get your new heater installed, call the best local furnace replacement company in Fresno! We at Grandmark Service Company are proud to offer our best quality of service to the homes in Fresno, and we’re ready to help you today! Contact us for more information or to schedule your heater replacement services.

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